Рипнуть песни с GH:WT,GH:SH,GH5 под FoFiX! 06.09.2009
Человек с ником Simograndi на форуме http://www.fretsonfire.net/ нашел способ как рипать чарты с Wii версий выше перечисленных игр под фоф.

- Download RAWSDK
- Import songs from the iso of the original game
- simply rename che "chart" file created into the song converted folder into "notes-unedited.mid". (there's also the raw audio file but I don't know how to create oggs...)
- now copy the mid file into your fofix song (for example the GH metallica currently avaible with master tracks but amatorial mid) and run game. You'll notice that all instruments (guitar, bass, drums and even vocals!!) are avaible in all their difficulties.


качаю образ гх5, буду рипать :))))
http://www.fretsonfire.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=41768 - Источник

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